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In Adelaide, you may get high quality rug cleaning services

Rugs have long been considered one of the most popular and elegant items of home decor. As a result, a home is incomplete without a rug. A rug not only adds warmth to your space, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your home. When they are unclean, though, they may do the exact opposite to your home. Furthermore, cleaning filthy rugs is a time-consuming process.

In addition, who has the time to clean a rug on their own in today’s hectic world?

As a result, Cleaning Day provides superior rug cleaning Adelaide services to assist you keep up with your hectic schedule. We have a long history of providing rug cleaning services. So you go ahead and do your task, and we will take care of your nasty rug. Get in contact with us right away to schedule a service immediately.

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    Our Professional Rug Cleaning Process

    There are many various sorts of rugs, each with its own set of colours, textures, and materials. Cleaning these rugs is done in a variety of ways. A small change in the procedure might completely damage the rug’s pattern and fabric. As a result, it’s critical to determine which rug requires which cleaning method.

    Our rug cleaners in Adelaide are well-educated.As a result, they can quickly assess the characteristics of your rugs and clean them securely and effectively without causing any harm. Here’s how we clean rugs in a multi-step procedure:


    Our pre-inspection includes a comprehensive examination of your rug’s condition and the determination of the most appropriate and effective cleaning method. Before we begin the procedure, we also make sure that our consumers are aware of the next stages.


    We pre-clean the rugs to remove the extensive accumulation of dust particles so that when they come into touch with water, they do not spread throughout the rug.


    This stage entails a thorough and deep cleaning of your rug. We clean your rug of all stains, dust particles, dirt, allergies, germs, and mould. We also take special attention to the texture of your ruging. In the hands of our experienced cleaners, we guarantee that your rugs will be entirely secure.


    Before using the rugs, make sure they are completely dry. Wet rugs can collect dust and have even been linked to the growth of mould. This is why we make certain that your rugs are properly dried so that you may use them without worry.

    We offer rug cleaning services on-site & Off-site

    We provide our services in a way that is convenient for our clients. As a result, we provide both on-site and off-site rug cleaning services to our customers. So, if you’re hesitant to get your rug cleaned at home since you won’t be there, think again. Then give us a call and we’ll come to your home.
    Although if you want to keep an eye on your rugs while they’re being cleaned, give us a call and we’ll clean them right in front of your eyes. We will not only pick up your rugs from your home, but also deliver them after a complete cleaning. Furthermore, there is no additional price for this, so please contact us when it is time to clean your rug.

    Professional rug steam cleaning services

    Steam cleaning has traditionally been the most popular and effective method for cleaning rugs. As a consequence, in order to provide our customers with the finest possible results, we also offer them the option of choosing premium quality rug steam cleaning. Not only can our steam rug cleaning restore the appearance of your rug, but you will also be able to utilise it sooner.

    This is due to the fact that steam cleaning does not need a large amount of water. As a result, drying time is increased. Furthermore, steam cleaning is a one-stop shop for nearly all rug issues. It will thoroughly clean your rug, removing any stains, germs, bacteria, odours, mould, debris, dirt, and everything else you can think of.

    Rug Cleaning Adelaide

    Rug Stains That Can Be Removed

    Your rugs may be cleaned of any sort of stain. You may leave the stain on your rug to us, no matter how persistent it is. The following is a list of the stains that we work on.

    • Stains from pet faeces 
    • Smears from chocolate 
    • Stains from blood 
    • Wine, as well as other alcoholic beverages, leave a mark on the surface
    • Spilled food stains 
    • A stain from water 
    • Oil and grease stains 
    • Urine stains from pets
    • Stains from tea and coffee 
    • Gum stains and chewing gum stains 
    • Stains caused by slime

    Rug Cleaning Services on the Same Day

    Have a party planned for tomorrow, but your rugs are too unclean to welcome guests? You can always count on us to provide same-day rug cleaning. Yes, we can clean your rug off-site or on-site and return it to you in usable condition the same day. We can meticulously clean your rug with our modern equipment and get the finest results in a short amount of time. So don’t waste any more time and call us right now to have your rugs cleaned.

    Why Should You Hire Rug Cleaning Adelaide?

    We are Adelaide’s most dependable rug cleaning service. Here are a few reasons why working with us is the best option for you.

    1. You may count on us for rug cleaning services that are quick, high quality, and on time. 
    2. Our rug cleaners are professionally trained, legally licenced, and extremely professional. They’ve all received the proper training and have the necessary abilities to provide the best rug cleaning service.
    3. You can reach out to us at any time, and we would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with our services. 
    4. Rug cleaning services are available on an emergency and same-day basis. 
    5. Our rug cleaning service is completely risk free. We exclusively use environmentally safe cleaning supplies.

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