Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Top Notch Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Have your curtains recently started smelling and are giving a bad odour of cooking, smoking and the likes?

Have your curtains recently become shabby and discoloured?

Well, needless to say, your curtains would start giving a foul odour if the curtains are of light colour and if you do not clean them regularly.

You can choose to wash your curtains at home. However, for a more professional touch and to keep the quality of your elegant curtains restored, it is highly recommended to hire curtain cleaning services in Adelaide.

Cleaning Day is an expert curtain cleaning company in Adelaide. We have been servicing our clients for more than a decade now. Get in touch with us to know more.

Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Service We Offer

  • The main objective of Cleaning Day is to provide the best curtain cleaning services in Adelaide. Our expert curtain cleaners clean all types of curtains.
  • Our local curtain cleaning experts are experienced in cleaning almost all types of fabrics including taffeta, silk, Chinese silk, the shiny fabric having embroidery and glued patterns, velvet curtains, curtains having English construction, hemp curtains, interlined curtains, voile’s, sheers, nets and the likes.
  • Leave your worries if your curtains are having side seams, goblets and tulip pleats. We remove them as well to clean them and will also place them back.
  • Don’t worry if your curtains are long and wide. Our experts rejuvenate your favourite curtains and give them a fresh and new look.
  • We pay attention to the manufacturer’s instruction while cleaning the curtains, before starting with our cleaning process.
  • The cleaning of swags and tails and the valances are also included in our curtain cleaning process.
  • Besides, we also provide cleaning of various types of blinds such as Roman Blinds, Austrian blinds, and the likes. During the process, we replace all the rusty eyes and the pulleys that have been worn out.

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    Advantages of Curtain Cleaning

    It is highly recommended to choose the right cleaning company for your curtains. Curtain cleaning services of Cleaning Day in Adelaide provides you quality services and at the best prices.

    Clean curtains not only beautify your homes but also prevent dust and dirt from entering inside.

    Our curtain cleaning services will help maintain your curtains. Just make a call and our experts will fulfil all your wishes of getting them cleaned in the right way. You should get the curtains cleaned because:

    • Cleaning the curtains regularly ensures that your house is clean and free of dust/allergens.
    • Getting the curtains cleaned eliminates the growth of moulds and other microorganisms.
    • Elimination of microscopic organisms prevents the onset of allergies in the house.
    • Elimination of dirt and allergens improves the indoor air quality.

    Our Curtain Cleaning Process

    Cleaning Day cares about your expensive curtains. Thus, our expert curtain cleaners in Adelaide choose a method that suits the fabric. For the detailed knowledge of the methods we adopt, have a look at our cleaning methods:

    Vacuum Method

    We start our process by initial inspection of the curtains. If they cannot be dismantled, then we vacuum them in their hanging position by our strong vacuum cleaners. We take special care of delicate fabric that does not require a thorough cleaning.

    Steam Cleaning

    If our professionals feel that the curtains are very dirty and have stubborn stains on them, then we adopt the steam cleaning method.

    Dry Cleaning

    We use this method for curtains that have delicate fabric, or if the method is recommended by the manufacturer. In this method, special dry cleaning solvents are used to clean the curtains. The method is safe and does not damage the curtains.

    Make Curtain Cleaning Easy

    Besides, there are a number of ways by which you can reduce the need to clean the curtains. Just follow the below-given tips:

    • Try that the curtains do not absorb much smell. You can do this by locking the kitchen doors and in turn, opening the windows so that the odours may escape out.
    • Do regular vacuuming so that dust does not accumulate on the curtains. Brush out the stains as soon as you see them so that they do not penetrate further.
    • Give your curtains a good airing from time to time if you notice that bad smell is continuously coming from them. You can do this by dismantling them and hanging them outside for an hour.

    Reasons to Choose Cleaning Day Curtain Cleaning Services

    Maintenance of curtains is very important. Regular DIY methods can clean the curtains but if your curtains are non-washable or demand some special cleaning techniques, then you should hire the professional cleaning services. Have a look at some of the benefits you will have on getting the curtains cleaned by our experts:

    • Curtain cleaning requires great attention and care. Our cleaners are experienced and equipped with tools and cleaning agents that will prevent any damage.
    • To enhance longevity and beauty, we offer soil and stain resistant finish. We also clean the head linings of the curtains with care.
    • Our experts remove any hooks if they are installed with the curtains. Further, after cleaning install the curtains along with the hooks back to place.
    • For your convenience, we also offer pick-up and delivery of the curtains. You do not have to carry the huge load with you, just call us and our service men will pick the curtains to be cleaned from your home and deliver them back to your house.
    • Our pricing makes us stand higher than others in the market, the set rates will not prove to be bulk on your pockets. The cost of cleaning will be determined according to the weight of the curtains.

    If you want to beautify your home and want that your curtains enhance the aesthetic appeal, then call Cleaning Day in Adelaide today!