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Carpet Cleaning Bridgewater

Green Carpet Cleaning at Affordable Price

Cleaning Day is Bridgewater’s ultimate destination for affordable domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services. Make your carpets cleaner, hygienic, and healthier by choosing our high quality carpet cleaning services. Say bye to all stains, those bad odours, and add more life to your precious carpets by keeping them clean every season.

For a reliable, affordable, eco-friendly, and professional carpet cleaning anywhere in Bridgewater come to Cleaning Day and we promise not to disappoint you ever!

Professional Carpet Cleaning and Its Benefits

Professional carpet is unlike carpet cleaning done by you at home. It uses highly advanced cleaning equipment to clean the deepest fibres of your carpet. Apart from surface cleaning of the carpet, professional cleaning targets the deeply embedded contaminants to make your carpet absolutely hygienic. Our cleaners have expertise in dealing with various types of carpets. At Cleaning Day we guarantee no shrinkage and no colour fading with our carpet cleaning services.

When you get your carpet cleaned by professionals once every season, you add more life to your carpet by keeping it clean & healthy. Our cleaners have not just the expertise but proper certification to clean your carpets in the most immaculate way. Moreover, cleaner carpets lead to clean indoor air that consequently leads to better health of the inhabitants – be it at home or office.

Carpets are made using different kinds of fabrics so we indulge in a process that takes into account the nature of particular carpet fabric. Also, we read the manufacturer’s instructions before carpet cleaning. These steps help us give a proper clean-up to your precious carpets, without doing any harm.

Carpet Cleaning Bridgewater
Carpet Cleaning Bridgewater

How We Dry Clean Carpets?

Cleaning Day uses carpet dry cleaning for carpets that have fewer stains and are made of delicate fabrics. Here is our detailed process:

  • Our cleaners first do a detailed inspection of the carpet for a complete understanding of the requirements.
  • The carpet is then vacuumed to get rid of solid particles. This removes human skin flakes, pet hair, human hair, and solid dust particles.
  • Then your carpet is cleaned using solutions that are not water-based.
  • Using industrial level tools such as agitators and rotary brushes we apply the cleaning solutions onto the carpets. These tools help us in deep carpet cleaning without using water.
  • Remaining dust particles are removed by vacuum machines.
  • We also take care of tough carpet stains using our unique green stain removing agents.
  • Carpet drying is done using our state-of-the-art air dryers that leave no moisture behind and do the job in a quick manner.
  • Lastly, your carpets are deodorized for a fresh smell and sanitized for a hygienic feel.
  • We always do a last inspection once all these steps are accomplished.
Carpet Dry Cleaning Bridgewater
Carpet Dry Cleaning Bridgewater


How We Steam Clean Carpets?

In most cases, Cleaning Day prefers carpet steam cleaning because it is considered the most effective carpet cleaning method. Here is our detailed process:

  • Our cleaners first do a detailed inspection of the carpet for a complete understanding of the requirements.
  • The carpet is then vacuumed to suck out all solid particles. Our aim is to remove human skin flakes, pet hair, human hair, and solid dust particles.
  • Next step is carpet stain treatment. For stains, we have the best range of stain removing solutions made of only eco-friendly products.
  • Hot water extraction is done for carpet steam cleaning. We bring in the truck mounted machines to deliver excellent carpet steam cleaning.
  • Carpet pile setting comes after this. It helps in retaining your carpet’s softness.
  • Next, we do carpet drying using strong air dryers for a speedy process. However, it will still take around 8 hours before you can use the steam cleaned carpet.
  • Lastly, your carpet is deodorized for a fresh smell and sanitized for a hygienic feel.

After the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, we do a final check because we want to leave your carpet spotlessly clean!

Carpet Stain Removal Services Bridgewater
Carpet Stain Removal Services Bridgewater

Get the best Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Results

When you hire Cleaning Day for your carpets, you can be sure of the best results. We never leave a customer unsatisfied with our service. Also, our customers are free to ask for a re-service in case they are not happy with our carpet cleaning.

Carpet Repair and Re Installation Bridgewater
Carpet Repair and Re-Installation Bridgewater

Services we offer for carpet cleaning Bridgewater

Cleaning Day does a lot more than just carpet cleaning:

  • Carpet stain removal
  • Carpet odour removal
  • Carpet water damage restoration
  • Carpet repairs
  • Pet stain and odour removal
  • Wool carpet cleaning
  • Carpet mould removal
  • Carpet mildew removal

Call us to find out more!

Bridgewater’s Finest Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaning Day is the favourite carpet cleaning service provider amongst the people of Bridgewater. Here is why:

  • We hire the best of cleaners who are qualified, certified, and licensed.
  • We use only bio-degradable carpet cleaning solutions.
  • You can ask for the same day and emergency carpet cleaning services.
  • We cover all areas of Bridgewater.
  • Cleaning Day offers 24×7 hours carpet cleaning services.
  • We provide all types of carpet cleaning services.
  • We give our customers 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We are a popular carpet cleaner for more than 20 years.
  • You will get the lowest prices for carpet cleaning at Cleaning Day.
  • We offer a free quotation for all our services.

So what keeps you waiting any longer? Call the experts of carpet cleaning Bridgewater – Cleaning Day and see your carpets transform literally in front of your eyes!

Location: Bridgewater, SA, Australia

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